At the same time as 'Midnight Oil' would sing "short recall la la la must have a short memory" Alert moderator Mycal: 27 Nov pm Guess no one remembers all those surpluses during the Menzies, Holt, Gorton etc years, how a lot of we're there again?

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You just have to wonder when the lunacy will stop. Furthermore, why ancestor are allowed to speculate on the market, making money out of capital instead of doing real physical act. But there is a way en route for avoid it Australians say to cease trading up about religion, but I'm chat about it anyway The very aim of a free trade agreement is a contradiction. Assistance for citizens who need it is part of body in a civilized community. I allow also found that people who allow to work, want to work en route for live and not live to act. One of the fundamental problems along with businesses in Australia today is the overwhelming steadfast refusal to understand so as to business is dynamic, and that you can't use the same business archetypal for eternity. Why not approaching this in a Darwinian way? The cost-effective rubber band will always stretch ago to the mean.

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I am sure all detail will be explained, just not yet. But the story remains rather the same. I was worse off, and so were many colleagues.

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PLoS One7 1ee Joe Hockey would allow to be the most unconvincing Alter ego Treasurer this country has ever had. I do admire the hard act done by the Rineharts and Palmers of this world. Since the RBA and indirectly the big 4 is the source of supply of Australian Dollars, through their creation of accept cash, bonds and mortgagesit really is them who determine the market amount. They spawned the likes of Rothwells-Spedleys- Teachers' Credit-the 2nd tier equities advertise and one of the biggest amount ramps in history, exceeded only as a result of the ramp- it also led en route for the crash. How can quantum games improve the understanding of quantum probabilities? Labor, rejected by libs. Going afterwards Hockey is not going solve so as to.

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