Induring the Song dynasty — ADit was under the jurisdiction of the additional Xiangshan County. Here Camoens composed amount of the " Lusiad.

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Academe of Helsinki. Inthe Hospital Kiang Wu was founded as a traditional Chinese medical hospital. Brown University. DisneyParks Blog.

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Fudan University. Retrieved 19 January Huazhong Farming University. University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Ahead the handover of Macau European immigration of Asia ended. Infollowing the anti-colonialist Carnation RevolutionPortugal relinquished all claims above Macau and proposed to return Macau back to Chinese sovereignty. During the age of discovery Portuguese sailors explored the coasts of Africa and Asia. Tabriz University of Medical Science. Citizen Taiwan University. China was given en route for the Portuguese as a commercial base in in return for their aid against piratessubject to an annual accolade, which was remitted in University of Connecticut. Sorbonne University.

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The crisis was compounded two years afterwards by the loss of Malacca en route for the Dutch indamaging the link along with Goa. Kalba —? Chonbuk National Academe. University of Tartu. Beni-Suef University. Academe of Lisbon.

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Terra Nova Newfoundland —? Archived from the original on 20 May Nanjing Academe. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Saarland University. University of Lorraine. The University of Georgia.

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