Fitness and headshot multiplier is both multiplied by 3 on this difficulty aim.

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Adjacent to a crate before door. With a few Trip Mines you can keep an eye on who's coming and available. After heading down to the acme floor via roof, after coming bad the last step. It corresponds en route for Risk Level 4, and is the third hardest difficulty in the amusement, added as a bridge between Excess and Death Wish, and shares qualities of both.

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Booty bags are worth 9. This additionally leaves you close to the helipad, which if you're standing on about the minute mark you'll hear the PA in the background shortly ahead of it'll force the cargo container en route for drop in the yard instead of additional guards on the roof. This is a good mission for at ease money, just have to be enduring and cautious. It is also the base difficulty for Crime Spree after that Holdout. Climbing the ladder in the left alley, propped against wall about warehouse.

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Booty bags are worth 9. I was happy with an NES. Spawning points are random. Note however, excluding Anarchy and above, the stealth portion of most heists in PAYDAY 2 bidding have very little changes as complexity increases. Stealth is relatively unmodified, using Death Wish presets.

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